Psyentific Research Solutions LLC specializes in the creation of customized behavioral science research software, methodologies, and strategies for researchers, corporate/industry, education, clinicians/practitioners, healthcare industry, and many other entities that find the need to address the critical nature of the human interface with their goals and objectives.

"YOU hold the key to your solutions; PRS helps you unlock them."

Custom software design for data collection via: 1) Local/Individual laboratory workstations; 2) Network laboratory workstations; 3) Laptop/Notebook portability; 4) Mobile device (Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Palm etc); 4) Web-based online experiments, surveys, data-collection

Custom data manipulation including: Specialized program or syntax creation for data sorting, ordering, analyzing, storing, cleaning, charting-graphing, and other custom data needs.

Custom data analyses including: Regression models, Discriminant analysis, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Multidimensional Scaling, Time Series Analysis, Factor Analysis and more...

Statistical analysis application integration: Instantaneous calculation of statistics and modeling on-the-fly through application integration of formulas and calculations----no need to export and setup analyses that are repetitive and time-critical.

Technical/Scientific writing: Translating technical data, materials, results, and oral-written communications into published formats for professional dissemination.

Consulting on experimental design issues, project feasibility studies, the integration of technology in increasing productivity (training, technology recommendations), as well as general investigation into current organizational structure and how it can be technologically enhanced to increase efficiency.
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